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Top 15 Best Secondary Schools in Enugu

Enugu State is one of the prominent states not only in the southeastern part of Nigeria but in Nigeria as a whole. Since the creation of Enugu State in on August 27, 1991, out of the then Anambra State, Enugu has developed to become one of the most beautiful states in Nigeria.

Popularly known as the coal city, Enugu State is home to Enugu city which is its state capital and Nsukka, the city that houses one of the foremost universities in Nigeria University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Apart from tourism centres, the commercial activities that Enugu is synonymous with, and new yam festivals, Enugu state and its environs boast of some of the best secondary schools in Nigeria.

If you visit Enugu state and its beautiful cities like Nzukkka for the first time, apart from the network of roads that connect centres of trade, the number of leading schools that have been established in the relatively new state will welcome you to the beautiful state.

If you are a parent who has recently moved to Enugu state, you have a wide range of good schools in Enugu to choose from for your children. The list of the best schools in Enugu, Nuskka and its environ will guide you in making a good school choice for your ward.

Please see the list of leading schools in Enugu below and make a good choice. But please note that the list is in no particular order.

1.         Hillrange Secondary School, Enugu

2.         Pine Crest School, Enugu

3.         Graceland School

4.         Shalom Academy, Nsukka

5.         Mea Mater Elizabeth High School, Agbani

6.         Cornerstone School, Enugu

7.         Roseville Secondary School, Enugu

8.         Redeemers International School, Enugu

9.         Providence High School, Enugu

10.       Seats of Wisdom schools, Enugu

11.       The University of Nigeria Nsukkka Secondary School, Nsukka

12.       Precious Blood International College, Enugu

13.       St. Teresa’s College, Nsukka

14.       Lilly Hills School, Enugu

15.       Queens School, Enugu

Top 15 Best Secondary Schools In Enugu State

  1. Hillrange Secondary School, Enugu

Hillrange Secondary School is a project of Ikota Educational Foundation (IEF), a not-for-profit trust registered in Nigeria. The foundation aims to promote educational and social projects based on Christian principles and ideals that contribute to the development of society. These projects are open to all, regardless of nationality or creed. The school opened its doors to the first set of students in September 2017.

Hillrange is the second educational project of IEF, the first being Whitesands School, Lekki Lagos – one of the best schools in Lagos as of today. Both schools are founded on the same educational philosophy.

The foundation is managed by a Board of Trustees which appoints a Board of Governors for each of its projects.

The school is a boys-only school with a mission to develop boys, following Christian principles, into knowledgeable, responsible and happy men, who love and defend truth, freedom and fatherland.

They are located at Centenary Estate Along Enugu Portharcourt Express Way, Enugu

  1. Pinecrest Schools, Enugu

Pine Crest School is a prestigious citadel of learning offering employment to hundreds of people, making waves all over the world and nurturing future leaders-is a crystallization of the founder’s fervent passion for education and a strong desire to make acceptable changes in our educational system characterized and bedevilled by lapses, incongruities and academic ineptitude.

In line with the school’s motto “Building the best for the total child,” the school is committed to the future of the children entrusted in our care.  They constantly update facilities and programmes built to suit the educational needs of their children in our ever-changing world. As a result, they have been consistently blazing a trail in education with unrivalled excellent records since 2001.

The school works with qualified, dedicated and experienced instructors who have expertise in their disciplines and exhibit flawless erudition in their teaching with advanced, innovative, ICT compliant and modernized instructional facilities.

They are located at 5, Pinecrest Avenue, Independence Layout, Enugu East, Enugu,

  1. Graceland Schools, Enugu

Graceland is one of the best schools in Enugu State, Nigeria. The school boost of all the ingredients that make for a leading school anywhere in the world.

Graceland Schools Enugu is a leader in the provision of quality education with an emphasis on discipline and character building for children from all over Nigeria and other parts of the world.

One of Graceland Schools’ important goals is to develop outstanding teaching that will engage students and make learning a meaningful experience.

The school is located at Graceland Private School 7 Ogbolu Street G.R.A Enugu, Nigeria.

  1. Shalom Academy

Shalom Academy School is one of the top schools in Enugu State. The school is one of the best faith-based, co-educational learning environment located in the beautiful city of Enugu.

The goal of Shalom Academy Nsukka is to develop and implement educational models for the building of intellectually creative and artistically preconscious children in a disciplined God-fearing and non-threatening environment that recognizes and values individual differences.

Shalom Academy’s origin started in 1st January 1999 when a definite statement and a clear-cut vision to start was received from God. Thereafter, 7.6 hectares of land that will compass all the school buildings were procured and consolidated. During the same year in August when the director Dr. W. Onu travelled, his wife Dr. Mrs. V. Onu taking the step of faith in consonance with her husband’s wishes ordered for blocks from Kings Block Industry. Five days later on his return the foundations of the schools first block was laid with the able assistance of Mr. Mathias Oti, a builder between April and July 1999.

They are located at No. 50 Old Enugu Ezike Road, Off Odenigbo Express Nsukka, Enugu State

  1. Mea Mater Elizabeth High School, Agbani

Mea Mater Elizabeth High School (MMEHS) is a unique non-profit-making, comprehensive, co-educational boarding school established in September 2004 to break new grounds in the area of facilitating and actualising the potential of its students.

It is the school’s conviction that the products of this school would be articulate, focussed and endowed youth who are fully developed academically, spiritually, morally, socially and culturally, youth who would, between two diverged roads in a wood, take the less travelled by to make all the difference – unique personalities.

MMEHS is a student-centred school where the classroom, dormitory, the refectory, the sports field, the laboratories and workshops are structured to give the best to the students.

The school is arguably one of the best schools in Enugu State.

They are located at Mea Mater Elizabeth High School, Ojiagu-Agbani, PMB 01610 Enugu Nigeria.

  1. Cornerstone School, Enugu

Cornerstone School, Enugu is one of the best schools in Enugu and its environs. The School is distinguished by both its quality of diversity and its oneness.

Students in Cornerstone represent various backgrounds, creeds, religions races, cultures and nationalities, supported by a reliable set of professional academic and non-academic staff, who are happy and ever willing to guide and nurture them to know the creations, achievements, traditions and ideas of the past, which offer purpose for the present and hope for the future.

The school, therefore, welcome parents and their wards to the school, to participate in their preparation to compete in a technology-oriented workforce and to become well-informed citizens

Cornerstone International School is a world-class early childhood, primary and secondary educational institution, which is determined to raise a generation of children fully ready to face global challenges and be useful in a rapidly changing world.

They are located at 145 Nike Lake Express Road Trans-Ekulu, P.O. Box 2722. Enugu, Enugu.

  1. Roseville Secondary School, Enugu

If you are looking for a good faith-based girls-only school for your child in Enugu, then Roseville Secondary school is one of the best you can find in the state.

Roseville Secondary School is a project of Ikota Educational Foundation (IEF), a not-for-profit trust registered in Nigeria.  The foundation aims to promote educational and social projects based on Christian principles and ideals that contribute to the development of society. These projects are open to all, regardless of nationality or creed. The school opened its doors to the first set of students in September 2018.

Roseville is the third educational project of IEF, the first and second being Whitesands School, Lagos, and Hillrange Secondary school Enugu. The foundation is managed by a Board of Trustees which appoints a Board of Governors for each of its projects. The members of the Board of Roseville Secondary School are: Prof. Albert Alos, Chief Frank Agbasiere,  Chief (Mrs.) Regina Emehelu, Mrs. Dympna Ezeani, and others.

The School is presently located on its temporary premises at 139 Chime Avenue, New Haven, Enugu and has begun admitting its pioneer set for its 2018/2019 session.

  1. Redeemers International School, Enugu

Redeemer’s International Secondary school (RISE) is an educational centre for academic excellence that is based in Emene, Enugu State, Nigeria. The school serves over 500 students across two major class divisions – Junior and Senior Secondary.

Since its inception, RISE has continued to develop its academic, arts and other extra-curricular programs that have elevated its student’s strength of character, leading to the development of high achieving individuals for the Nigerian society.

RISE boasts of a high acceptance rate of her graduate pupils into the best local and foreign-based Universities. Their graduates are well known and highly sort after by a host of the university within the state. RISE seeks to be the first choice for families in Enugu and environs who want a good character-centred secondary education for their kids.

They are located at Destiny Layout, Herbertex junction, Old Airport Road, Emene, Enugu State.

  1. Providence High School, Enugu

Another leading school in Enugu when it comes to girls-only schools is Providence High School.

Since the inception of Providence High School, everything about the school has been guided by PROVIDENCE, from the choice of the name of the school to the go-ahead approval by both the State and Federal Ministries of Education to the unexpected high number of foundation students who registered with the school on the first day, 22nd September 1997, to the solemn dedication ceremony of 11th November 1997; to the financial, moral and material support we received from friends and relations; to the growth and development of the school to its present level etc.

Emphasis on hard work, academic excellence, discipline, conduct, comportment, moral and spiritual education remains our hallmark.

They are located at Independence Layout, Enugu, Nigeria.

  1. Seats of Wisdom schools, Enugu

Seats of wisdom schools is a leading group of schools in Enugu State.

Seats of wisdom Schools is aimed at nurturing and training youths in intellectual excellence with sound moral values as well as sound academic knowledge.

The school believes that if a child is raised in the way he/she should go, (the way of the Lord), he will not depart from it he matures. The Word of God says it and we believe it wholeheartedly and are earnestly committed to achieving it.

They are located at Seat of Wisdom Schools Enugu, Transekulu, Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria.

  1. The University of Nigeria Nsukkka Secondary School, Nsukka

The University of Nigeria Secondary School, Nsukka (UNSSN) is one of the leading non-privately owned schools you can find in Enugu.

The school is an offshoot of the prestigious University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria’s first indigenous University. It was established in January 1983 to cater to the educational needs of the University Community and its environs.

The school has however thrown opened its doors to all Nigerians and even foreigners. Located just by the entrance to the Nsukka campus of the University, the school is a centre of academic excellence with very high moral and academic standards.

With a team of dedicated and committed staff, the school prides itself as one of the best schools in Nigeria with students who have distinguished themselves locally, and internationally in the Arts and Sciences. It is a co-educational school with full boarding facilities. Its serene environment provides an atmosphere conducive for quality education and focused learning.

With a student population of 1000 and a staff strength of 101 teaching and 45 non-teaching staff, the school is geared towards empowering the students to acquire skills and knowledge necessary for higher education. In this school, we cherish and nourish honesty, hard work and excellence.

The school is located at University of Nigeria, P. M. B. 002 Nsukka Nigeria.

  1. Precious Blood International College, Enugu

Precious Blood International College is a mixed-gender Catholic Mision school founded to offer excellent academic moral and spiritual formation to teenagers of secondary schools’ level under the strict supervision of the missionaries of Precious Blood Apostolate, Namely: The consolers of the agonising Jesus Christ and the Little Lilies of Christ Sisters.

The college is poised to restore the Educational Glories of former days and revolutionalize the entire sector through the teamwork of well-selected and time tested experts in Education. They offer consolation to parents who might be double-minded concerning a safe and healthy environment to accommodate their children for Formation.

The College is fully boarding. Children will find a true home in it.

  1. St. Teresa’s College, Nsukka

St. Teresa’s College was founded by His Grace, Most Rev. Dr. Charles Heerey the Archbishop of Onitsha in 1948 as a grade II Teacher Training College with Rev. Fr. William Butler as the founding principal. His appointment was based on his perceived competence as a teacher at Christ the King College Onitsha, from where he was sent to head this college. This college ran a two-year grade III Teacher Training programme for four years – 1948-1952.

In 1952, the school was converted from a teacher training college to a secondary school.

One of the features of most successful organizations is a commitment by the individuals in the organization to a common cause or goal, and a determined effort to work together to attain that goal.

The school is located at Saint Teresa’s College, Nsukka. P.O Box 23 Nsukka. Odenigbo Road by Total Round About Nsukka, Enugu State.

  1. Lilly Hills School, Enugu

Lily Hills Schools was born out of the vision by Engr. and Mrs Joseph and Lily Okechukwu to reverse the trend of the falling standard of education in Nigeria where many graduates of our institutions of higher learning are half-baked, due to poor foundation at the primary and secondary school levels.

The school aims to contribute to eliminating examination malpractice which has eaten deep into the fabrics of our educational system, and which is considered disastrous to the nation in terms of social and economic development. The name of the school is taken from the Lily Plant, which is hibiscus species with large flowers in a variety of colours, symbolizing the variety of skills synonymous with Lily Hills Schools.

Lilly Hills is a group of schools comprising of elementary, primary and secondary schools

  1. Queens School, Enugu

Queen school is one of the best non-privately owned schools in Enugu State.

Founded on October 4, 1954, by the defunct Government of Eastern Nigeria. It was the only Girl’s Government Secondary School in the then Eastern Nigeria. As a result, it had the best things among which were an all graduate teaching staff, large infrastructural facilities, dormitory blocks, administrative blocks, classrooms, well-equipped science laboratories, a school library, school hall, home economics block and very good catering services.

Right from its inception, Queen’s school has remained a veritable agent of national integration. The student population was drawn from all over the country. The composition of the student body, therefore, lent itself easily to national integration.

Queen’s school culture of tolerance and co-operation symbolized in the motto LABORARE UNO AMINO(working with one mind) is a guiding principle for unity among the staff and students. Queen’s School Enugu is indeed one of the pioneers of “Unity School”.


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